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RYDU is coming in with the intent to become the largest premium exclusive distributor of motorcycles and accesorries in Asia. Built and supported by motorcycle enthusiasts, RYDU provides a retail exprience that rivals the largest hitters in the industry.
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Motorcycle Service and Repair Mechanic (Full-Time)

We are looking for an experienced motorcycle mechanic who will be responsible for our Kowloon Service Centre. The applicant should showcase excellent knowledge on everything related to motorcycles, a strong passion for motorcycles, outstanding mechanical skill and most importantly, ensures quality workmanship over anything. Mechanic Apprentice may also be considered.

Showroom Sales Manager (Part Time/Full-Time)

We are looking for a manager responsible for our day-to-day operations in the showrooms. The applicant should not only be able to provide excellent customer service but truly showcase a “customer first” mentality, ability to foster a positive environment and possess a deep understanding of motorcycles and market trends.

Sales Distributor Manager (Part Time/Full-Time)

We are looking for a result-driven distributor manager who will be responsible for actively seeking out opportunities to expand our local distribution sales for our Tires, Oils, Motorcycle Parts, Gear and many more. The applicant should be able to showcase a solid previous track record, deep knowledge of the industry and market trends.

Social Media Content Manager (Freelance/Part Time)

We are looking for an individual that is capable of managing multiple social media accounts and other digital channels. The applicant should be able to produce engaging content, represent different brand images, showcase excelleting bi-lingual creative copywriting (English and Chinese), attention to detail. Must have passion and knowledge for the industry.

Videographer (Freelance/Part Time)

We are looking for videographers that are capable of producing content for our social media platforms and other digital channels. Applicants will be responsible for pre-production, production and post-production (editing, voiceover, audio, captions/subtitles, etc.). Must be excellent in bi-lingual writing and communication (English and Chinese). Motorcycle licence, passion and knowledge for the industry.

Multimedia Designer (Freelance/Part Time)

We are for a multimedia designer, preferably a motorcycle fanatic with license. Capable of creating very engaging content and assets for our social media and digital platforms. Must be experienced in motion graphics animation, excellent bi-lingual writing and communication skills (English and Chinese). Must have a good sense of graphic design, color, visual hierarchy & composition; an excellent eye for photography is an advantage.

Social Media Influencers

We would love to collaborate with established and up and coming motorcycles, vloggers, influnances, bike groups etc. If you have a following and are able to create engaging content we support you with the latest bikes, gear and more.

For interested parties and other inquiries, please send your CV to jobs@rydu.com

Discover the two different RYDY showrooms. Each varying in experience and lineup.

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Service Centre

All motorcycles are welcome to be serviced in our service centre.

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All motorcycles are welcome to be serviced in our service centre.

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About us

Learn more about our missions, electric motorcycles and what truly makes RYDU special.

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RYDU holds and has access to factory OEM Parts for all our motorcyle range, a large selection of premium gear & accesories and exclusive distribution rights for Asia. Intrested parties please contanct B2B@rydu.com
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