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“NUUK was born with the purpose of creating a new generation of high-quality electric vehicles affordable for everyone.”
Therefore, NUUK and its industrial partner RIEJU use the Bosch 48 V Central Drive System to create electric mobility solutions that are not only efficient but also providing maximum driving pleasure. Especially in the urban environment, electrified scooters and small motorcycles are the most convenient means of transportation to get from A to B easily. For the private user NUUK offers two vehicle types: URBAN and TRACKER. Furthermore, a Cargo-Version for commercial applications was created. All vehicles are equipped with the high-performance 10.5 kW Drive Unit from Bosch, which can be easily scaled according to the use case so that the maximum range can be achieved. The NUUK bikes do not only provide an impressive acceleration but also the highest level of safety. Due to the innovative vehicle design including 17” tires and a comfortable suspension, every ride is a pleasure. Besides the powerful Drive Unit, Bosch also provides the battery for the new NUUK bikes. Depending the customer’s needs and the vehicle use case the battery can be easily scaled. One battery pack provides a capacity of 2.4 kWh (50 Ah) what provides an average range of 60 km. Another highlight are the two charging modes available: Standard and Quick. Together with RIEJU and BOSCH, new urban mobility solutions are created. Those solutions are not only safe and reliable but also providing a unique driving experience. Starting in 2018 within the European market – NUUK plans to expand also to America and Asia within the next years.
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